Sculpting the International Sand Sculpting Festival

Sculpting the International Sand Sculpting Festival

A Behind the Scenes look at FMP’s work

FMP has worked alongside the Revere Beach Partnership, one of our non-profit clients, for many years to bring the Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival to life! As an event management company, we take great pride in organizing the largest free event in Massachusetts that combines art, entertainment, and fun, making it a summer highlight for visitors from all over.


Behind the scenes while everyone else is wishing for the warmer weather to come back, FMP is envisioning an experience that will leave our guests in awe. Our team, alongside the committee from RBP, brainstorms ideas to make the festival even better than the previous year, explores themes for the centerpiece to catch your eye, and collaborates with the Master Sand Sculptors through Broken Glass, a sand sculpting management company, to bring their breathtaking creations to Revere Beach. This year’s theme, ‘Celebrating 90 Years of Kong,’ promises to be an epic spectacle that transports attendees into the realm of creativity and wonder.


Every year, the footprint of the festival changes slightly ever year. With creativity at the forefront, we then shift gears to handle the logistical aspects of the festival. We work closely with DCR, City of Revere, Mass State Police (Bomb Squad, Marine Unit, Special Events, Mounted Unit), Revere Police, Revere Fire, Revere DPW, EMS, and other state and local agencies to ensure smooth operations on the backend and work alongside sponsors and vendors for an unforgettable experience for all. From securing the necessary permits to confirming transportation options with MassDot like the MBTA Blue Line, we strive to make attending the festival as convenient as possible.


We understand that the key to a successful festival lies in catering to diverse interests. From families seeking amusement rides to foodies eager to indulge in culinary delights, we curate a lineup of attractions that ensure there’s something for everyone. One of the largest traveling Ferris Wheels in New England, street performers and live entertainment in engaging spots, and a diverse array of food options create a dynamic ambiance that keeps the festival buzzing with excitement.

Our carefully selected array of almost 30 food trucks and food vendors promise to satisfy every craving. From savory Asian street food from Moyzilla to indulgent sweets from Ben and Jerry’s, the festival’s culinary offerings are nothing short of delightful.


Supporting our local community is at the heart of everything FMP does. After talking with UPNEXT, who works with brands to test their markets, we established Beach Shop Pavilion. Here the focus is a platform for emerging small businesses, local Revere companies, and non-profits. Many companies come to showcase their products and services. We were able to bring in 19 vendors who typically would not have been able to participate in the festival through this program. By highlighting these businesses, we aim to foster a sense of community pride and encourage festival attendees to shop with a purpose.

Another new addition to the festival this year was the Samuel Adams Beer Garden. After talking with the necessary authorities and securing the correct permits, FMP looked to our relation with Boston Beer Company to facilitate making the thought of a beer garden become a reality.

The last new partnership for this year was with MoveStudios to create a Beach Fit Weekend campaign. They utilized their network to help offer free workout classes on Revere Beach with their mobile wellness studio to allow attendees to rejuvenate their minds and bodies amid the creative sand sculptures.

Including and inviting all of these new partners allows us to not only benefit the local community, but work to grow the festival and bring in new depth to benefit our attendees and sponsors.


At the end of the day, an event has to be profitable for continued success. One key focus from our team is bringing in new sponsorship every year. We were able to secure sponsorship from new companies this year such as Nature’s Bakery, BCH, Blue Man Group, Rockland trust, Sam Adams, Avid Hotel, and many more.

A large part of the festival consists of the exhibitors, food trucks, and food vendors who fill the streets of Revere Beach Blvd. Between all categories, there is a total of 82 businesses that need to be coordinated with, have payment taken, questions answered, and overall make sure things run smoothly leading up to the festival as well as during the festival.

After introducing the idea to have streamlined drink sales last year, we were able to fine tune it for this year. Through many conversations with multiple brands competing for the contract, Pepsi become our new beverage partner for the year. With the help from Pepsi, we were able to provide the Revere Beach Partnership with proceeds of drink sales through an incredible brand partnership.


Finally, the highlight of the festival – the magnificent sand sculptures! Our team takes pride in bringing together over fifteen talented Master Sand Sculptors from around the world to showcase their awe-inspiring skills. Witnessing these sculptors turn sand and water into stunning masterpieces is a testament to the power of art and human creativity.

In conclusion, the Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival is the culmination of our passion, dedication, and creativity as an event management company. We invite you to join us on this unforgettable journey of artistry, entertainment, and community celebration. As you explore the festival’s offering, immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds, and lasting memories are waiting to be made. We can’t wait to see you at the festival in 2024!