5 Focuses To Improve Your 5K Race

1. Build A Brand

When creating or improving a road race of any type the branding is the most important decision to make. Focusing on your goal, target demographic, the name, theme and logo is imperative to your event’s success.

2. Make Your Race Stand Out

With road races, walks, bike rides and endurance events happening every day how are you going to stand out? Focus on what makes you different or what you can add to your event to make it stand out.


3. Engage Groups

Teamwork makes the dream work is a common phrase used here at FMP. The power of teams will grow your event exponentially.


4. Create A Fun Environment

Having just a race isn’t enough anymore. Focus on creating an experience that makes participants want to come back year after year.


5. Logistics

Every part of your race needs to be managed flawlessly. Leave your participants talking about the constant communication and updates, the ease of registration, the stocked water stops, the directional signage and the amazing start and finish.