Event Production

FMP Productions provides the resources, leadership, fund development, management expertise and comprehensive event planning to accomplish the overall objectives to enhance communications and media strategy, event publicity, increase exhibitors displaying on-site, brand marketing, develop partner integration, and most importantly increase sponsorships.

FMP Productions will conceptualize an event strategy with the goal to raise significant dollars via sponsorships, participants and exhibitors, create awareness for your organization and activities, and develop a brand strategy, thereby increasing the level of success of the overall event.

Our events are fun, innovative, highly entertaining, and memorable, helping you create a long lasting impact. The event will be designed to accomplish your objectives to streamline the direction of the event and increase revenue. Our team of experts knows what works for your audio and visual needs, sound, lighting, program content, and how to keep the audience engaged.

We ensure that the event will match the organization’s overall message and style, creating a successful end result that is unmatched and providing results we can all be proud of:

  • Elevate brand name and messaging
  • Improve organization’s image
  • Significantly increase exhibitors & participants
  • Event concept and strategy
  • Significantly increase sponsors and corporate visibility
  • Develop partnering relationships
  • Make recommendations that would rise additional financial resources

FMP Productions will carry out these plans consistent with your planning guidance and strategic planning materials to assure uniformity and consistent messaging. We will also study and explore innovative concepts to minimize or mitigate possible threats, current and future in this process. We will ensure that the event will match the organization’s overall message and style.